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Winter/Spring 2014

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PROGRAMS & SERVICES This is a "mini-directory" of programs and services for senior residents in the Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo areas. For more information, call the Area Agency on Aging office in your county. AARP GENERAL INFORMATION 800-424-3410 Aging with Vision Loss Arthritis Foundation Family Service Agency 805-892-5556 805-965-1001 Long Term Care Ombudsman 805-563-6025 Retired Employees of Santa Barbara 805-564-0066 RSVP-Retired Senior Volunteer Program 805-963-0474 800-972-8285 Senior Homemaker Service American Parkinson Disease Association 805-965-5555 800-908-2732 United Way of Santa Barbara Area Agency on Aging Main Office Santa Barbara San Luis Obispo 805-510-2020 805-965-3288 805-541-0384 Arthritis Foundation 800-355-9040 SAN LUIS OBISPO Adult Protective Services 805-781-1790 Alzheimer Association 805-547-3830 800-434-0222 American Cancer Society 805-543-1481 805-965-8591 California Health Advocates Children of Aging Parents (CAPS) American Heart Association 800-227-7294 Elder Abuse Hotline 800-992-1660 Gerontology Associates 800-626-2993 805-544-1505 Central Coast Commission for Seniors Coast Caregiver Resource Center 805-928-5663 805-962-3600 x14 FINANCIAL INFORMATION CA Medical Review Medicare Info 800-841-1602 Emergency Medical Services San Luis Obispo 805-546-8728 Medi-Cal Life Steps FoundationLinkages 800-952-5294 Medical Insurance Management MIM 909-649-1119 Long Term Care Ombudsman 805-785-0132 Social Security & Medicare 800-772-1213 SANTA BARBARA Adult Protective Services 805-681-4550 Alzheimer's Association 805-547-9680 805-563-0020 American Cancer Society Volunteer Hospice of San Luis Obispo County 805-544-2266 YMCA 805-543-8235 805-963-1576 American Diabetes Assoc. Senior Nutrition Program of San Luis Obispo County 805-541-3312 805-685-2773 American Heart Assoc. 805-963-8862 American Lung Assoc. 805-963-1426 31

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