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92 What is acute rehabilitation? Rehabilitation is a team of health care professionals working together to help people regain function or skills lost due to injury or disability. What are the acute rehabilitation requirements? t must need two forms of therapy disciplines; physical therapy and/or occupational therapy or speech therapy t must be able to participate/tolerate 3 hours of therapy 5 of 7 days per week or 15 hours per week t must have the expectation of returning to the community, i.e. home, independent living, assisted living, or home with family/friend t must have medical needs that require a physician to monitor daily t a physician order is required for a patient to be admitted Acute rehabilitation units (ARU) may differ from sub-acute rehab units and skilled nursing rehab units because an ARU: t admission is an in-patient hospital stay t follows Medicare guidelines for inpatient rehab facilities (IRF) t provides 3 hours of therapy 5 of 7 days or 15 hours per week t provides 2 or more therapy disciplines t provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach t provides 24 hour physician medical coverage t provides unit based RN 24/7 Acute Rehabilitation Units +ENNERLY 2OAD s 3T ,OUIS -/ s See our listing on page 93.

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