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Winter/Spring 2015

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AL Assisted Living ALT Acute Long Term Care APT Apartment Living BVH Behavioral Health CARF Commission of Rehabilitation Facilities CC Continuum of Care CCRC Continuing Care Retirement Community CM Case Management CUS Custodial Care DAY Day Care DIAL Dialysis DME Durable Medical Equipment GER Geriatric Assessment HC Home Care HOS Hospice Care HOSP Hospital ICF Intermediate Care Facility IND Independent Living INP Inpatient Care IRF Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility IV Intravenous Therapy JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations LTC Long Term Care MED Medically Complex MEM or Memory Care & Alzheimer's/ ALZ Related Dementia N/A Not Available NA Non-Ambulatory NF Nursing Facility NP Non-Participating in Medicare or Medicaid NUR Nursing ONC Oncology Services OT Occupational Therapy PAL Palliative Care PAS Personal Assistance Services PER Personal Care PSY Psychiatric Care PT Physical Therapy PUL Pulmonary Care PVT Private Duty RES Residential Care RCF Licensed Residential Care Facility RCF1 (RCF/RCFI) Residential Care Facility that provides protec - tive oversight for the semi- independent RCF2 (RCF*/RCFII) Residential Care Facility that provides additional services, including supervision of diets and assistance with personal care RET Retirement Living RHB Rehabilitation Therapy RSP Respite Care RT Respiratory Therapy SCU Special Care Unit SNF Skilled Nursing Facility SL Supportive Living ST Speech Therapy STS Short Term Stays SUB Sub-Acute Care TCH Tracheostomy Care TPN Total Parenteral Nutrition VA Veteran's Administration Contract VENT Ventilator Care WC Wound Care WSS Wandering Security System * Medicaid ** Medicare *** Medicare and Medicaid 162 GLOSSARY OF TERMS The following is a legend of abbreviations used throughout New LifeStyles.

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