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140 Without respite, not only can families suffer emotionally and physically, caregivers and care recipients alike may face serious health and social risks as a result of stress associated with continuous care giving. Respite care is planned, short term and time-limited. It is needed to cover family illnesses, special events, vacations and stressful times when families and care recipients need a break. Respite service gives family caregivers an opportunity to spend time away from their loved one with the confidence that a trained professional is administering care in their absence. While much information talks about the caregiver, the "loved one" may also need respite to maintain a healthy relationship. Don't you think your loved one deserves a break, a vacation or time away from the same environment? Who needs respite care? You and Your Loved One! Even the best caregiver and care recipient needs a period of respite. Handing that blessing temporarily to someone else can be a difficult decision. We fully empathize with your situation and understand the complexities of finding temporary part time relief. Let us help… How Caregivers Benefit: • Provides temporary freedom from care giving and personal time for yourself. • Provides freedom from worry when you can't be with your loved one. • Serves to rejuvenate the caregivers so that they can continue to care for their loved ones. How Care Recipients Benefit: Provides a first class vacation experience for a short time in your loved one's life. For those with chronic illnesses respite provides "time away from the pain." A time to be pampered, feel special and to do what they may want to do. Provides someone with which to share experiences and loving care. Families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, yet, the consequences for the family care provider can be overwhelming without some support, such as respite. Respite provides the much needed temporary break from the many time-consuming and depleting challenges faced by the family caregiver and recipient. Defined: An interval of rest or relief. Why Respite? s

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